Marcasite Jewelry

Marcasite in Folklore, Healing and Metaphysics

marcasite According to metaphysicists, marcasite (pyrite) can ground, protect, energize and enhance the mental qualities of the wearer. It is said to promote intelligence and creativity, block negative energy and generally help one think more clearly and creatively. Some believe thatit can also bestow good fortune and wealth upon the bearer!

Crystal healers believe that marcasite strengthens the lungs and increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, helping the wearer overcome fatigue. It is also thought to reduce inflammation, have a positive effect upon the circulatory and digestive systems and even assist the immune system in warding off contagious diseases.

Astrology and Numerology

Marcasite is not a primary stone for any sign of the zodiac, however it is often associated with the sign of Leo because it reflects the golden hues of the sun, it's ruler. Marcasite vibrates to the same wavelength as the planet Mars and is related to the Root (first) Chakra and the number 3.

Marcasite is kind of an "all occasion" mineral - it has no special significance as a birthstone or anniversary stone.

History and Spiritual Meaning

Pyrite (Marcasite) in CalciteThe gold-like glow of marcasite has fascinated people for centures. It was long thought to have magical properties, and archeologists have found evidence of it in Indian medicine bundles and burial mounds and in Greek and Roman excavation sites.

Because of its reflective surface, larger crystals of marcasite were believed to have been used as mirrors in some ancient civilizations - in particular, as scrying mirrors by the ancient Mexicans.

The Chinese thought it could scare away crocodiles!

Because of its resemblance to gold, marcasite (pyrite) has earned it nicknames "Fool's Gold" or "Healer's Gold"

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